Farm Sitting

We provide skilled care for farm animals, from horses to cows to pigs to goats to chickens to turkeys to sheep donkeys to barn cats.

Farm care costs $40 per chore session, and includes an introductory instructional meeting.  Most of our farm care clients are people who never get a chance to get away, because they always have to get back for chore time.  Let us handle that so that you can have a weekend when you don't have to be up with the chickens!

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“This past January Amanda took care of our Welara Pony, our two Miniature Horses, Cockatiel and African Grey Parrot. Our pony is over 26 years old and needs special care and feeding and Amanda did a fabulous job taking care of her and all our critters.

In the past Bella, our Welara Pony, would be quite upset with us for leaving her for 3 weeks. Amanda took such great care of her that Bella was more upset that we came home. Our Minis and Parrots were all quite content and all had a great pet adventure.

Thank you Amanda.”  

—Bob and Erin, Waldoboro, now clients of three years