Dog Hikes

Dog Hike FAQs


How do hikes work? 

Dog hikes take between 1.5 and 2 hours of trail time. Your dog will be picked up and dropped off at home, and transported with no more than four other dogs to our property in Jefferson. Dogs run off-leash on 48 private acres of trails and wooded land.  When the hike is over, dogs are offered a drink of water, and are returned to their homes.

What do you do about ticks?

Ticks are a deeply unfortunate reality of being outdoors in Maine now. We strongly suggest that your dog be vaccinated against Lyme, and that you treat your dog with vet-approved flea and tick prevention. It's also a good idea to brush through your dog after each walk, especially in spring and fall.


What if a dog gets injured on a hike?

Ah, the age-old tension between dog snoot and porcupine quill.  It occasionally happens to the most vigilant of us.  If a dog is injured, all dogs are removed from the hike, and the dog's owner is contacted. The owner can then meet us at the dog's vet office.

How much fun will my dog have?

A LOT of fun! Dog hikes are a fantastic way for dogs to get exercise, but they also allow dogs to socialize, sniff, dig, and roll. Dogs who join us on regular hikes are well socialized, healthy, and extremely excited at pick-up time!  

My dog is short/old/lazy. Will he be able to keep up?

The beauty of off-leash hiking is that dogs can move at their own pace. They may spend the whole hike digging a hole, or turning a tree branch into the perfect-length stick, or they may spend it zooming in circles with their friends. Hikes allow dogs to march to the beat of their own drummer.

What are the requirements for a dog to join a hike?

All dogs must be vaccinated against Bordetella, and must be wearing identification tags that clearly provide their owners' contact information.  

What is the cost of a dog hike?

Door-to-door service per household is $35 for one dog, and $50 for two.


“All Creatures Pet Adventures is the best! Amanda is so caring and takes care of the dogs as if they were her own, plus they go on amazing adventures every day! I feel good leaving my dogs in her care when I’m away because I know they are enjoying themselvesout on the trails and having a great time!”  

—Alitha, Round Pond, now a client of five years

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