Dog Bed and Breakfast

All Creatures Pet Adventures invites dogs of all ages and sizes to join us on their owners' next vacation.  

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Dog​s who board with us join us as family members.  We are not a kennel-- no concrete floors, unsupervised nights, or crates here.  All of our guests are free to roam the house and choose from a selection of couches and beds (both human and dog) upon which to relax.  

For exercise, our guests have access to a 10,000 square foot fenced in yard, as well as participation in a daily hike in our 48 acres of woods.  

It is our goal to provide a safe, loving, and engaging environment for our canine guests.
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Please click the link above to give us some necessary information about your pet before boarding.
Can I do an introductory visit with my dog before committing?
Clients are always welcome to visit before booking, but with the caveat that the visit is more for you than for your dog. In our experience, dogs visiting this environment for the first time with their owners display a variety of behaviors that aren't necessarily indicative of how they will fit in with the pack as a whole. 

What kinds of things should my dog bring on vacation?

Your dog should have all the things he or she uses on a daily basis: bed, food, medicines, food bowls, and leash or harness.  

My dog is sometimes nervous with new dogs. Is that a problem?

Not usually. We do our best to introduce dogs to each other in a nonthreatening environment. Once they hike together and get treats together, the pack is pretty solidified.


My dog has a history of aggression with dogs and humans, and training hasn't had an effect. Is that okay?

Sorry, but dogs who have not been rehabilitated from violent behaviors are not safe for our other guests and may not board with us.

How will I know that my dog is okay while I'm gone?

We send photo updates daily (or more often, if your pet does something adorable that you need to know about).  

What if my dog has an emergency while staying with you?

If the unexpected happens, we immediately contact first you if you are contactable, and then your dog's vet. If a dog has an emergency situation outside of business hours, we take dogs to the Midcoast Emergency Vet Clinic in Warren.  

What other requirements should I know about?

All our guests must be up to date on Bordetella vaccines, and must be treated for ticks and fleas.  

My dog is very old/very young/blind/deaf/ has separation anxiety/once ate a tin can.  Do you have experience with dogs like that?


What is the cost for boarding my dog?

Boarding fees are $55 per night for up to two dogs, and an additional $20 per dog after that.

When can I drop off and pick up my dog?

Boarding check-in begins at 4:00 p.m., and check-out is by 12:00 p.m. Dogs who wish to check in or out beyond those times will be charged an extra $25. Please note that we are a private residence, not a 24 hour corporation, and rely on clients to be accurate with their arrival times. It is very important for the safety of all guests that we are able to separate our current guests in order to be prepared to greet you. While we are happy to accommodate your schedule, we can only do so with accurate information. Please be considerate. Drop off times must be booked at least 24 hours in advance, and we cannot guarantee an accommodation of a change.