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All Creatures Pet Adventures was founded in 2014 by Amanda Glenn-Theriault and her trusty sidekick Felix. Felix and Amanda love exploring beaches and woods together, and after getting tired of leaving Felix behind to go to be a high school teacher every day, Amanda decided to start a business that would provide the services that she wished she could give her own dog.


After three years of hiking dogs on

public trails, Amanda and her husband

Andy purchased a home with 48 acres

of woods where dogs can run, play,

sniff, and wrestle in a private setting. 

This home is also the base of all dog

sitting services. "Casa de Felix"

welcomes dog guests as part of an

extended family of furry couch

potatoes and backyard sunbathers,

often delivering breakfast in bed to our guests who like to sleep in.


Amanda is also an experienced farm carer, and enjoys meeting the variety of animals she has the opportunity to care for when farm sitting. A chorus of goat bleats or turkey peeps is a great way to start the day.




“My dog has separation anxiety and it was important to find a caregiver who understands that condition and the human behaviors that help minimize it; Amanda had personal experience with this in her own dog and that gave me great peace of mind. Amanda is the first dog-sitter my dog has had who he didn’t know. She was gracious enough to travel to my home (on very short notice) two days before we needed her to sit with him, just so he could meet her in “ordinary” conditions. She obviously loves and cares about dogs. I have no hesitation in recommending her services. She was kind, accommodating and flexible to our timing, quick to respond to any communication, and very easy to work with. I will definitely hire her again.”– 

Wendy, Appleton, now a client of four years

Enjoy your vacation while giving your dog a vacation of her own

​"I hope to make people realize how totally helpless animals are, how dependent on us,

trusting as a child must

that we will be kind

and take care of their needs."  

--James Herriot



230 N Mountain Rd.

Jefferson, ME 04348

207 248 2606


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