Pet Sitting Services and Fees

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Izzy is such a fast girl!


Single drop-in visit: Would you like someone to look in on your cat at the end of the day, collect mail, and rotate lights, while you’re away? Or do you have a late day, but want your pup to get a bathroom break and some extra pats?  I visit your house for a 30 minute play/walk session plus feeding time.

$20.00 per visit.

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Blue floats like a butterfly, and stings… well, not at all. He’s too nice.

Overnight pet sitting: Overnight sitting runs from 5 p.m. to 8 a.m.  Please note that pickups and dropoffs outside of this time frame are subject to daytime sitting rates. Dogs will receive an evening and morning walk, feedings and medications, and lots of snuggling.

As part of the cost involves time I spend away from my own pets, homes to which I can bring my own dog receive a discount of $5.00/day.  Felix is a good natured, 4 year old, neutered male border collie mix.  Dog meetings can be arranged in advance of services in order to get everyone acquainted.

$55.00 for 1-2 dogs.  $10.00 for each additional dog.  No fee for additional cats and other small pets.

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Summer daytime sitting hours (May to October):  If your dog is unaccustomed to being left alone during the day,  or if you need sitting outside of overnight hours, we offer an awesome day of exercise, play, snuggling, and affection.  Your dog will not be left alone for a moment,  and will have a “day camp” experience geared towards his or her favorite activities and preferences.  Dogs come home from this experience happy, tired, and ready to settle down with their owners for the evening.

$20 per hour for 1-2 dogs.  $10 for each additional dog.

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Winter daytime sitting hours (November to April): Your pup can have a full day of doggie day camp that includes runs through the woods, a warm place to snooze, games of fetch, and lots of attention.

$60 for a full day/$30 for a half day

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Special Services: Customized services are also available upon request.  If you prefer, I can host your pets in my own home, provide puppy socialization with an older dog, or create other services to meet you and your pets’ special needs.  Please feel free to contact me to discuss details.

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2 thoughts on “Pet Sitting Services and Fees”

  1. Found your ad today at Moody’s!!!! Can’t wait to go away somewhere……I have a lovely older (10ish) Border Collie girl named Belle – a Hurricane Katrina rescue – and a 2 1/2 year old Aussie named Birdie (boy)…

    1. They sound wonderful! I bet they’re great companions for each other. Felix would have a such a great time playing with both of them. Hope we get to meet them one day soon! Thank you for the message– makes my day!

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